Real Girl on Girl...

Yes, we are REALLY married. We have been together since 08' and got legally married in 2013. We met while escorting, and have been an unstoppable force ever since.


We love playing with you guys together, and have no jealousy whatsoever when playing solo either. We have a very open and passion filled relationship. We met each other playing with you guys, so don't think for one second, that we do not enjoy men as well.


We have been told that our relationship offers a sense of stability and comfort, knowing that we do not have a "manager" or a crazy boy friend that could possibly ruin our date, or heaven forbid, cause any trouble for you. The stories I have heard are absurd. So we are very thankful for our safe and understanding relationship.

We offer a few different party options together. From just girl on girl shows (where things get pretty intense and steamy), to a REAL passion filled experience with you in the middle of us creating art. We are there to pamper you, not just each other, so don't worry about having to entertain 2 women.


Please click on the link ("Girl on Girl experience") or picture below, for a more detailed description of what we offer.


Girl on Girl experience